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2/19/18 Cook got 10" of snow yesterday and there is more on the way; 

fire up those sleds and make your way to Vermilion!

2/14/18 Happy Valentine's Day from your friends at Timbuktu! 

It is a beautiful sunny 20 degree day~ we truly feel loved!

12/31/17 Thank you for your business in 2017; Cheers to an early Spring!

Word has it that ice conditions are not the best for snowmobiling...

chunky with hard packed snow 

11/10/17 The public dock is officially ICED UP! Yesterday this was all open and this morning we are locked up as far as the eye can see...

9/19/17 It is a beautiful Fall day- leaves started changing a week ago...bass fishing is great!

Get out on the lake and enjoy it while you still can!

9/9/17 Fall is upon us and the weather is a bit cooler but beautiful...walleye are biting too!

8/2/17 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT IS AUGUST? Where has Summer gone? 

There are still plenty of fish to catch and memories to be made so come on out and visit us! The weather is getting a little cooler and the fish are biting on leeches and crawlers!

5/19/17 Hope everyone is doing well and ready to get out on the lake for the BIG Memorial Day weekend approaching us! 

The lake temps are still chilly and fisherman have had luck with deep walleyes

4/14/17 A picture is worth a thousand words! 

The Marina opening date and Spring hours will be posted soon!

Happy Easter weekend!

4/4/17 Please note there is STILL ICE at the public dock and beyond...

we aren't quite ready for boating JUST YET!

Spring is definitely here though! Check Facebook for more photos of this area...

3/24/17 Ice is thinning on the lake; be cautious out there- 

Narrows are open around the corner to the "frog"

Roads are icy...

12/30/16 Wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2017 from Timbuktu to you!

We hear the Snowmobile Club is out staking the lake today; have fun and be safe.

Refer to the MN DNR link below

12/23/16 Timbuktu wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe travels over the Holidays!

Check ice conditions before heading out- UPDATE some locals have reported only 3" of ice in some areas- 

use caution and refer to the MN DNR link mentioned below... 

12/20/16...Lake Vermilion Snowmobile Trails have not yet been staked~

we have been told from locals that ice is anywhere from 6" - 9" deep at this time...

please reference MN DNR Ice Safety information 

and use caution at all times while traveling on the lake!

11/1/16...Lake Vermilion Hazard Markers, Channel Markers & Speed Limit Buoys 

have all been pulled off the lake as of 10/30/16 

for the Winter...please exercise caution when boating.

The Marina is now officially closed for the season

 but Dawn is in the office most days so please call or e-mail if needed!

10/22/16 Beautiful Fall Day for M.E.A. Weekend...high of 55 degrees today and sunny skies-

walleye fishing is great! 

10/11/16 this photo from last Thurs., 10/6 (snow showed up in town but the lake was just spooky) ...

most of the leaves are gone now that you see here

temps down to 40's,  water temps in low 50's - Walleye are reported as very deep...

9/29/16 Weather is much cooler at night and water temps around 59 degrees...

weekend looking sunny, 68 degrees  & dry (finally!)

Test drive a Ranger this weekend from 10am-4pm at the Marina!

Come on in and check out our Fall inventory of clothing-lots of nice jackets and 1/4 zips!

8/26/16 Beautiful weather today and fishing is good- 

we have heard of some monster muskies on the rock piles 

and walleye all over the lake...get on out here and finish out the summer! 

7/27/16 Cooler weather makes for better fishing this week...last weeks heat and inclement weather made it a tough time for many...days in upper 70's and nights in the 50's now.

Fish are active from what we've heard so good luck out there!

Have a Safe & Happy Independence Day!

6/25/16 We store more than just boats at Timbuktu! 

These Yellow Shafted Northern Flickers were sure excited to see their Mom 

at their home behind the Marina...

6/24/16 Oh my Gosh, where did the last month go?? 

It is hot & sunny on Lake Vermilion, come on over and gets some ice cream! 

5/27/16 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Rain and scattered t-storms in the forecast for 

Fri. & Sat...possibly Sunday will be nice. (?) 

So....we think you should extend your long weekend until Tuesday 

as Monday looks like a gorgeous day on Vermilion!

5/19/16 Weather is great! Sunny, dry and 65-70 degrees- fishing is not too bad either!

5/14/16 HAPPY OPENER...with icicles on top!

A chilly, snowy, windy day on Vermilion...sunny days ahead!

4/25/16 ICE IS OUT ON VERMILION!!! No official date to post yet but the 

buoys are almost all set as the ice was out over the weekend!

4/19/16  Looks good at the public dock but there is still ice out there to contend with...

hang in there for future updates!

4/15/16 Still anxiously waiting...enjoy the Spring weather this weekend!

4/8/16...Ice out anytime soon?? High winds are helping but chilly temps are not! 

Have a great weekend

4/1/16 Happy April Fool's Day! Windy days ahead & cold nights!

3/25/16 Rain in the forecast for next week...rapid melt on the way!

 2/26/16 Nice crisp weekend ahead, heard from a Winter island resident

 that ice is down to 12" in many safe!

1/22/16  Saw lots of snowmobilers go by on this crisp, sunny day! Have a great weekend!

12/31/15 Have a very Happy New Year!

The Narrows are all froze up now but it is still very thin ice - about 3 inches,

 unsafe for snowmobiles in our area.  

12/23/15 Anyone up for a Christmas swim? Have a great holiday and be safe!

 Stay tuned for more photo updates next week; will the snowmobiles ever get to ride through here?


12/17/15 Here is the latest view from the public dock...

lots of cold, icy water in the Narrows area and blowing snow!

12/10/15 Check out the lake! 

Thin ice full of puddles with all the rain (yes, rain) and the Narrows are somewhat open!

Temps still in the 30's but starting to get colder at night-no temps below zero just yet!

11/25/15 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from your Timbuktu Marina Family

some bays are starting to freeze up and the air is turning cold

11/20/15 Cold Temps and Windy today...had some snow Wednesday that is lingering;

 I think our 40 and 50 degree days are over until Spring...

 11/6/15 The first of the flakes are flying today! 

Snow is in the air for the hunting opener; GOOD LUCK to all of you!

 The Marina is now closed for the Winter season; THANK YOU for your business!

 Call if you need something, as Dawn is in the office most weekdays.

10/28/15 No photos today...gray, rainy and 40 degrees on the lake...

chance of snow in the forecast

 FYI: Lake Vermilion buoys being pulled Thurs 10/29-Sun  11/1/15...winter is on its way...

10/22/15 Almost 60 degrees & sunny today but lots of rain in the forecast starting tomorrow a.m.

 all the leaves have just about flown away for the upcoming Winter...

buoys still in the lake for another week. 


 10/07/15 Beautiful days on Lake Vermilion...and the fish are biting!  






10/01/15 Happy Fall! The air is crisp and the leaves are turning...

Lake Vermilion sure is peaceful these days and fishing is great!



 9/21/15 It was a beautiful weekend on Lake Vermilion

 but the fish are pretty scarce from what we hear! This weekend has another great forecast! 

 9/3/15 Happy Labor Day weekend from your friends here at the Marina!

We hope you enjoy the last days of Summer on Lake Vermilion...

leaves are already starting to change and the sun is shining! 



8/28/15 Overcast and muggy-sunshine and 80 degree temps on their way

for the weekend-good luck fishing! 


 8/6/15 We hear walleyes have been around but hard to find...bass hitting in the being caught in sandy areas, 

big fish found with perch in their bellies...

lots of food in the lake right now makes for tough fishing! Keep at it! 


7/16/15 All is quiet and still at the Marina today...muggy and rain on it's way... 




7/14/15 We've heard that walleyes are biting on leeches in 11'-30' on rocky points

we wish you luck in this heat! 

7/8/15 Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend--it was hot and busy on the Lake!

6/20/15 Happy Father's Day Weekend to all! 

It is a little windy and cool  at the lake but still good to get away for a break... 

Stop by and pick up Dad a sweatshirt or Camo jacket to keep warm!

  5/23/15 It is a gorgeous weekend-come in for some ice cream and share your fish stories!  


5/19/15 It is a chilly but beautiful day-snow off & on yesterday but a beautiful weekend ahead! 






5/7/15 We are OPEN for business! Cool and windy & wet today...

looking forward to a great opener! See you soon! 



 5/1/15 Happy May 1st!

The store will be opening Thursday 5/7 at 8am!~more info to come soon!

Weather looks beautiful for the weekend! 


4/21/15 The lake looks great from the Marina other than the snow we got last night...

5 day forecast shows day temps in 30's and low 40's and nights in the 20 degree range.

What a Spring tease we had last week! 



Lake Vermilion facts of interest: Recent ice out history: 5/13/14, 5/17/13

earliest Ice Out 3/28/12

latest ice out 5/23/50 !  




 4/15/15 There is rapid melt happening...lake should be completely out within a week or so... 

water levels are very low!  


Yes, there is some open water in the Narrows

NO boats are in..public dock is still iced up...

Store is not open until May (date t.b.d.)


 3/25/15 The lake doesn't look as nice as it did in the photo below now...

been snowing steady all day and small accumulations building up.

temps in the teens at night for awhile


3/17/15 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here's an update before the snow started to fly 3/19/15

reports are stating at least 2 feet of ice out there!





3/10/15 Warming trend has us all excited!

Daily high temps above 40 degrees predicted for the next 10 Spring really on it's way?? 


2/24/15 Sunny days but blowing snow with wind chill warnings every time you turn around!




1/23/15 Another slight warm up for the weekend

& my only customer at the Marina!





1/14/15 We are welcoming a bit of a warm up over the next few days

with temps in the teens to 30 degrees on Saturday!

So get out and enjoy the lake; I mean...ICE!   



12/31/14  Many wishes to you for a

Safe, Healthy, Prosperous & HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

it has been very cold the last few days with

wind chill advisories from 20-40 below zero....keep warm!


12/24/14 Timbuktu Marina wishes you Happy Holidays!


12/19/14 Colder temps and thicker ice-we've been told about 12" worth...

had a few inches of snow Wed p.m. to cover the lake


12/15/14 Lots of Puddles on the ice due to some beautiful temps

in the high 30's/low 40's over the last several days!

Seems like Spring but it must be "the calm before the storm"

-what a tease; we'll take it!



12/02/14 ICE UPDATE!!!  We have been told by a reliable DNR source that

he measured 8 inches of ice most places with 6 inches in Oak Narrows today



12/01/14 Bitter cold in Oak Narrows!

We had a Wind Chill Advisory until noon today-25-40 below zero overnight!

Our friend from Hinsdale says 5 inches of ice at least from there to the Marina.

Also heard 10 inches measured on the Tower end in McKinley;

Ice Fishermen are set up there!

11/24/14 FYI--We have had rain, sleet, snow, wind and ice over the last 24 hours.

A local from Hinsdale measured 3 inches of ice last Wed

and took a walk over safely  to the Marina on Friday. 


11/20/14 To Answer the many calls coming in-

YES -- Vermilion is frozen & it is COLD & Windy

NO -- we don't know how thick the ice is yet :)

This weekend forecast is calling for sun & temps up to 30 degrees



 11/14/14 That's it...the Narrows have started to freeze as of last night-

thank goodness for the sunshine today;

it was below zero early this morning!



















11/12/14 Snow & Ice are here at Timbuktu one on the lake but BRAVE hunters!

Congrats to Dave on the 8 pointer this afternoon!



11/06/14 Good luck to all our hunters out there - keep warm & be safe!


 10/31/14 HAPPY HALLOWEEN We had our 1st snow yesterday and it is COLD! 

Water temps dropped 3 degrees yesterday afternoon to this morning and it will be 15 degrees tonight--

looks like all tricks and no treats for us:( !



10/28/14 The temps have dropped and the sunshine is gone :(

the rain and wind have started blowing our way and the season is ending...

no photo updates until we get a nice day or snow; whichever hits us first!


10/23/14 We are looking forward to another beautiful weekend-

leaves are about gone by now & wind has died down-

We have heard lots of tales of boat loads of walleye this past weekend-

get out there and enjoy the end of the season!


10/18/14 there was SNOW on the dock today but the sun is out and the clouds have parted this afternoon for MEA weekend...windy but nice!


10/17/14 Colder temps & a gray day today BUT word of Musky Bites in the air:) 

10/12/14  Breezy days have not had as much of an effect on the colors as they normally do BUT thank goodness-

the sunshine is keeping them bright for now-

rain tomorrow and cold nights but beautiful weather for the week ahead!

10/10/14 Look who I found running around in front of the Marina...

he was trying to hide as best he could looking for a snack :)

Can you find him in the reeds?


 9/22/14 Crisp Fall days are starting...this morning was 45 degrees and sunny;

no hard frosts yet but the trees sure are turning.... 


 6/24/14  Lots of rain again today, air temps dropped to 60 degrees

lake temps about 58 degrees most places

fishing has been great for walleye early a.m. and evening! 


 6/13/14 Sunny & dry today but lots of rain the last couple of days; beautiful rainbow afterwards!

temps in the 50's and lots of wind-fishing was great the last week or so!-looks like a rainy weekend in the forecast- 

6/2/14  Lake temps in the mid-high 60's & air temps have been near 80 for the last week

lots more rain over the last couple of days on Vermilion...

Walleye bite has been sporadic for most..keep fishing! 


5/21/14  Take a look at the Lake Level!

 Most folks say they haven't seen the lake this high in many years! Lots of docks floating ... Water temps at about 46 degrees and Walleye fishing has been good to the

few who have reported in to the Marina.

 There's a great forecast for the holiday weekend with temps in the 60's and 70's...come see us and cool off!










Lake temps sit at a chilly 44 degrees today

(much like the air temps!)

the ice is pretty well out for the most part! Someone took a ride from the Marina & reported they made it from the Dam to Moc. Pt. ! There was a float of ice between Grassy & Hinsdale at the end of Smarts Bay. Niles Bay had some slushy  ice but it appeared you could drive right through it (same report for Frazier Bay)



 Boy, if you only had to look at Vermilion from the public dock; it looks GREAT!

We hear that you can get to Channel Island from here but then it is ice...

most big bays still are locked up with "ice cakes"...

hopefully the forecasted rain will help for the weekend!





 4/29/14 Look who swam by the  public dock today...the poor Mergansers

were having trouble getting around in between all the ice!

  Ice has broken up quite a bit and the Narrows are open as far as the eye can see from the Marina...still 2 feet of ice in spots. 




4/18/14  Thanks to our friends with the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade

 for helping to break up the icy Narrows this afternoon!


4/17/14    The ice is not looking as good as it did last week ...light snow and temps declining into the teens overnight is not a help to Vermilion.

Rising temps into the 50's next week will help to thaw us out some;

we hope!


4/10/14   I think Spring is certainly on it's way...

warmer temps are creating dark spots on the ice and melted docks! 




4/1/14: Rain, Sleet, Hail & Snow --

we've had it all overnight...messy commute for most...

wish we could say, "APRIL FOOLS" , but no such luck!







3/21/14: Snow and more snow!

The plow pile in front of the Marina is over 5 feet tall-no gas sales today! Still getting below zero at night and not enough warm up during the day to melt a whole lot...THINK SPRING! 






2/24/14: A brief warmup last week followed by 15" of snow.  Sub-zero temps for the next week.  The lake has a lot of snow and slush in some spots. 

12/11/13: Very cold! -20 to -30 every night for a week, sub-zero highs. About a foot of snow on the ground,  The lake is very slushy. Some sleds have been on the land trails, but no tracks in Oak Narrows yet.

11/11/13: Happy Veterans Day to all our vets!  Deer opener weekend was ok.  Low 30's with lots of wind and some snow.  One 8 pointer was shot and a few small bucks were left to grow up for next year.   Sub-zero temps tonight and then warm up later in the week.  The wind is keeping the ice off the lake.

10/31/13: The season is winding down but the fishing has picked up.  The walleye bite has been awesome in deep water.  A lot of throw backs and quite a few keepers.  50-60 walleye were caught last weekend between 4 guys.  Around 20 keepers.  The others were too small or big.  The biggest being 27 3/4" by Jeremy Wilfong.   There has been some ice in shallow areas but most of it is gone now.

7/30/13: Walleye fishing has slowed down.  Musky and bass fishing have been very good. 

5/17/13: Most of the ice is off the lake. There is still some chunks floating around.  Fishing has been slow.

5/11/13: Have you ever had a party and no one came?  That about sums up the 2013 Lake Vermilion Fishing Opener.  Still can not get a boat in at the public landing. 

5/7/13:  70 deg yesterday made some good progress on the ice. 


5/3/13: The loons are back!  I counted 18 in the open water by the marina.  The bottom pic is a male red-breasted merganser.  

4/29/13: Great weekend in the 70's on Saturday.  Lots of ducks, geese, swans and an otter made for an awesome photo outing.   The water skips at Trout Lake were in full force.  The Reichel boys put on a great show.

Pause Stop Previous Next View full-sized photos


4/19/13: Well...we got 8" of snow last night with 40 mph winds.  School is cancelled, 3 ft snow drifts, power is out.  This sucks!  Cubby loves it.

4/18/13: 6" of snow last night with 4-6 more on the way.  There is some open water by the frog with lots of ducks.  There was a wolf on the ice today infront of the marina. 

4/13/13: More snow this past week and more coming tomorrow.  Not looking good for opener. 

4/10/13: Over 30" of ice in Niles Bay right now and more snow last night.   No warm temps in the 10 day forecast.  There is some open water by the frog. 

4/2/13: Still lots of snow and ice.  Caught some tulibee on Saturday and fed them to some eagles. Lots of bald and gold eagles are flying around eating road kill.  More new pontoon boats showed up yesterday.

3/18/13: Cold, snow, sub-zero temps...this is getting old.  New boats and pontoons showing up every week.  Get one now while they last!

2/27/13: Nice weather finally.  We actually got above freezing for a few hours.  The lake has been very busy.  Lots of sleds but few fish.  Check out the new Skeeters at

1/29/13: Plenty of snow now!  The trails and lake are great.  About 2 feet of ice on the lake.  A wolf pack killed a deer behind the marina a few nights ago.  Nothing left but some hide, a leg and lots of blood.  Fishing has been slow.  Lots of  perch and a rock bass.

1/24/13: It's cold!!! Sub-zero for 5 days now.  We had -36 this morning.  New boats and pontoons are showing up every week.  There is some snow on the lake but most of the trails are pretty rough.

12/3/12: We had a great summer!  Thank you very much!  Most of the lake is froze .  There is some open water in the big areas, but the channel by the marina is froze up.  Most of the snow melted this weekend.

5/12/12: A beautiful fishing opener!  32 this morning but warming up fast.  One 24 1/2 walleye was caught before work.  Send me your fish pics.

5/7/12: The lake is up about a foot from ice out.  Crappies are biting.  FISHING OPENER THIS WEEKEND!!! 

4/16/12: Lots of snow and wind last night.  Winter finally showed up.  8" of snow, trees down and the power was out for a few hours.  We are back up and running now. 

4/9/12: Cold and snowy today.  We need some of those early March temps back!

4/6/12: The ice is out and the boats are in.  The bouys are all in thanks to Bubba and Vermilion Barging.  If you come up WATCH FOR ROCKS!  The lake level is very low.

ICE OUT UPDATE: The ice is out!!! Come on up!

3/22/12: 4 swans flew in and spent the night in the open water by the marina along with lots of mergansers and eagles. Still can not get a boat in at the marina. There is about 100 yards of ice between shore and open water.

3/19/12: The ice is going out!!! 75 Saturday and Sunday with 80 forcasted today. Hopefully we will be able to get some boats in the next few weeks. Still about 12" of ice by the marina. Lots of ducks, geese, birds and eagles are returning by the frog.

3/12/12: We had a great weekend on the lake. 60's on Saturday and Sunday made for some awesome outdoor time. We caught some perch, a walleye, a crappie and lost something real big.

3/5/12: -15 this morning warming up fast to 30. Very busy weekend on the lake. Lots of sleds finally. Ice fishing was slow, two very little walleye. Crappies should start biting soon. Check out this monster...

2/20/12: We had a great time at the Duluth Boat Show this past weekend. The new boats are going fast. About 3 inches of snow today.

2/6/12: The Little Fork Splash snowmobile ride was this weekend. We had a great time, no one was hurt (too bad) and we are very sore. The river was great for riding with plenty of snow and a few open spots. The trails north of Cook to Kabetogama and the VermilionRiver are great.

1/29/12: There were a lot of sleds on the lake this weekend, finally! The snow on the lake is very good, but the trails still need some help.

1/27/12: A little more snow today. The lake is good for sledding but the trails need some help. Does anyone make a weed wacker attachment for a snowmobile?


1/23/12: Finally got some snow this weekend (3 inches). The lake should be fine, but there are a lot of pressure ridges so if you come up watch out for them. Some are a few feet high. There were a few sleds out and the ice fishing was poor.


1/19/12: We finally got some nice winter weather -27 in Cook this morning...-20 at the lake still no snow.

1/17/12: Wolves killed a deer in the cabin driveway Saturday morning. Not to happy having wolves so close, but they are nice to look at. No fish to speak of and still no snow.


1/9/12: Went fishing on WolfLake this weekend. Only 2 little pike were caught but we had a great time. A few sleds out on Vermilion but still no snow. 40 degrees expected today and tomorrow. We sold the first Premier of 2012 last week!

1/5/12: 43 degrees today...a new record for Jan. 5. The snow is melting. Put the snowmobiles away and fire up the boats!

1/2/12: Finally got some snow, but most of it blew off the lake. The Cook end trail is staked on the lake but there is still not enough snow on the trails.

12/28/11: We had a great Christmas break. 41 degrees on Monday with 20mph winds. Lots of perch and one small pike. At least a foot of ice in NilesBay. Still no snow.

12/22/11: Pics of the new Premier Pontoons now available at . Lots of nice changes. Get yours now before boat show season! Still no snow...

12/19/11: 36 degrees on Sunday made for some good ice fishing. Lots of perch and one huge 36" pike. 10"-12" of ice with little snow. A few sleds were out, but still not enough snow.

12/16/11: A truck load of new 2012 Premier Pontoons showed up will be on the website soon. About 1 inch of snow yesterday. Still not enough to go snowmobiling, most of it blew off the lake.

12/14/11: The ice is here, but the snow is's going to be a long winter. There is about 8" on most of the lake and I heard the fishing has been good in Tower and McKinleyPark. No reports from the Cook end.


12/12/11: Just got back from the 2012 Premier Pontoon dealer show. The 2012 pontoons are nothing short of amazing. Check them out a