Up North Update


Hope you kept warm over opener! 5/1 was the

Official Ice Out date

& water temps are still

very cold; fishing slow for most but a warm up

is on the way!


We hope you are all staying healthy during this time...

Looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming season!


After below zero temps we are ready for a warm up!

1/1/20 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ice conditons are getting better~ The Lake is staked!

10/31/19 Last day Store is open for the Season..See you in 2020;

Have a great Winter!


4/30/19 Official Ice Out Date

by MN DNR!


Rain & Clouds but Fish are biting on minnows (regardless of the rainbow shortage on the lake)!

Warmer temps to come..see you soon!


Water temps are reported at 61 degrees...the fish are biting &

muskies are in site!



The weather was great over the

4th of July holiday & eveyone soaked up the warm sun on Vermilion!

Fishing has been tricky lately but that's

why we don't call the sport



ALERT:Bear Siting's

on Hinsdale Island!

Check our Facebook Posts as we even had one swim in front of our docks last week!


The Narrows are widening everyday but we still have ice throughout

all of our docks.

Had our 1st warm up over 50 degrees today & the forecast looks good!

Ice out is looking promising within the next 2 weeks for the entire lake!