Up North Update

Thank you for a great Season; the Marina is now closed. Please be aware that all hazards & channels markers are being removed from the Lake.


Closing the store

 after a very busy season~

Buoys are off the lake

so be careful if

deer hunting next weekend!

 Call us to make
your reservations
for 2021
for boat or cabin rentals! 
Stay Well!

Ice has been out & Marina store will officially open
Monday 5/10!
You are able to get your boat out of storage if needed please call!

Summer is in full swing on
Lake Vermilion! Stop on by for
all of your goodies while having
fun on the lake! We are open
every day 8m-6pm!


The temps have been hot and the fishing...
well, let's just say anglers have had their challenges! LOL
Come see us while on the lake to
cool off!


Temps are cooling off some and fish are biting...hoping for rain to fight this extreme drought and poor air quality!

Fall weather & new hours are here for September! Get out there and enjoy the rest of the season; watch the rocks with those low lake level...


Fall is in the air!

Fish are biting & leaves are falling

but colors are still beautiful!

Store is open daily

through  Fri., 10/30/20


Temp are falling

Fish are biting!


Luckily the fish aren't required to

Mask Up in MN :)Keep fishing,

they're biting! Good Luck &

Stay Healthy!


Some relief from the heat 

has helped the bass, crappie

& perch bite but most are on the hunt for the elusive walleyes and muskies!


Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Temps are HOT

fishing is not...LOL

Actually, we hear fishing is picking up finally...have a 

great holiday, keep cool

& be safe!


Temps are warm & fishing isn't the best from what we've heard but things will turn around!


The Narrows are widening everyday but we still have ice throughout

all of our docks.

Had our 1st warm up over 50 degrees today & the forecast looks good!

Ice out is looking promising within the next 2 weeks for the entire lake!


Hope you kept warm over opener!

5/1 was the Official Ice Out date

& water temps are still

very cold; fishing slow for most but a warm up is on the way!


I have been anxiously awaiting &

I can  now report that the

Lake Vermilion Resort Association

has added the first fishing report

of the season...