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Up North Update

We went from one extreme to another with water levels as many of you know! Many docks are underwater. If you are coming to the Lake
make sure to bring your rubber boots!

Thank you for a great Season; the Marina is now closed. Please be aware that all hazards & channels markers are being removed from the Lake.

Narrows are opening a bit but there's still a lot of ice still on Vermilion! We are going to be pushing it for Opener
this year!
Stay tuned; Marina store will open
early May!

The temps have been hot and the fishing...
well, let's just say anglers have had their challenges! LOL
Come see us while on the lake to
cool off!


Temps are cooling off some and fish are biting...hoping for rain to fight this extreme drought and poor air quality!

Fall weather & new hours are here for September! Get out there and enjoy the rest of the season; watch the rocks with those low lake level...

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